Hey there, I’m making this call for support on all of my social media sites. I know that I have different friends who use different mediums, and some who use all of them. So I apologize if I am repeating myself too often, but it’s all in the name of a good cause.

The Face of America DC Bike Ride was recently brought to my attention by a colleague. I was immediately interested in partaking on this 110 mile journey from Washington, D.C. to Gettysburg, PA in the hopes of raising money and showing support for those military men and women who have sacrificed so much for us. I don’t care what your stance is on war, but you have to recognize these members of the military who volunteer to serve so that we don’t have to. Here is a statement from the ride’s site:

On April 27 through 29, World T.E.A.M. Sports will host the 2012 Face of America Bike Ride, a fully supported two-day ride from the Pentagon near Washington, DC to the historic battlefields of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The ride, created by World T.E.A.M Sports in conjunction with the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, will give participants a unique opportunity to honor America’s servicemen and women who have been wounded or injured, as they set and achieve new goals.

I don’t think I can properly express how stoked I am to be doing this ride. Please consider making a donation on my page, my goal is at least $750. And if you choose to not make a donation please consider coming out yourself to either ride or cheer everyone on. You can find more information on the ride through the links on the left side of my donation page.

My sincerest thanks to everyone who helps me reach my goal.

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